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A generation ago, counselors often worked only in high schools. Their job was to help students choose courses and plan for life after graduation. School counselors still do those things in high schools, but now they do much more. Counselors know that students need good mental health, as well as good physical health, to be productive learners. They are a key part of the educational team in schools. Your child’s school counselor can help your child with: 

  • Making plans

  • Counseling sessions

  • Referrals

  • Finding support

  • Academics

  • Solving problems

  • Making decisions

  • Coping skills 

  • Setting goals

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All AOSS students will earn a diploma of graduation from high school after completing all UC/CSU “A-G” course requirements, and elective enrichment courses through a minimum accumulation of 240 credits.

Credit may be earned only in classes not previously passed. Repeat classes do not replace previously earned grades; therefore, all grades are averaged for determination of GPA. Students taking Honors or Advanced Placement courses will earn extra grade points as determined by the School Director.


Graduation requirements may change as determined by the board of directors, without need for material revision of the charter.


The school curriculum and materials are based on the national content standards. These include online courses, paper based materials, discussion boards, and hands on projects. Opportunities for physical education, enrichment, and extracurricular activities are also offered. The school will select resources from state adopted materials database for English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and English to ensure alignment between curriculum, standards, courses, and materials.


Students in grades 6th to 8th are required to take one elective each year. Students are offered several online electives so they can explore their interests to embark on a personal journey of self-discovery before entering high school.   


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